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Top Models of Sunglasses this Summer 2018 – The Stars as an Inspiration

Top Models of Sunglasses this Summer 2018 – The Stars as an Inspiration

If we only have to mention one accessory without which no summer season can pass, it would undoubtedly be sunglasses. They are there to complement each fashion combination. And although the summer is already there, and we will soon start with the topics for the autumn season, it’s not a waste to additionally inspire ourselves. We are sure that among you there are those who intend to partake of themselves with at least one other pair. Or right now you choose the model of glasses you intend to take on holiday.

For this reason, look at models of sunglasses that marked the summer, and this inspiration will also serve us this time our favorite star.

From a retro model to sunglasses that are in the style of those I wear for skiing – for everyone’s taste for something. Follow the pictures with, as we have said, current trends.

Sidre Hadid chose a slightly retro model of glasses, with a narrow frame, with Gigi remaining faithful to the cyst shape, while Bella decided to form a piggy bank with wider external edges.

Both models are particularly effective in the black-and-white version of the glass and frame, and what we especially like is how these models fit into a casual fashionable style.

Lady Gaga wears unusual sunglasses, whose frame is slim, and which imitate the shape of a diamond! This model of glasses will be great for those ladies with a heart-shaped face.

And now two stars that are synonymous with a good fashion taste. Victoria Beckham wears a modern version of the glasses, with a flat top frame, and with the “oversized” size of the glass, all in a darkened variant. This model is great for all those who want their glasses to protect as much of the face around their eyes.

The retro model was chosen by Cate Blanchett, who perfectly fitted her cats’ glasses with a thicker frame and transparent glasses with pastel fashion combinations. They act at the same time as ladies and chic, and as a part of the accessory that easily fits with the daytime and festive clothing.

And if you want to leave an impression and that your sunglasses are the first thing to notice, you can use glasses worn by Stella Maxwell as an inspiration.

The cat’s triangular shape, in black and with zircon, and perfectly fit into the city’s fashion style.

And finally, as we have said, one of the dominant trends of this summer is the glasses that resemble those sports skiers, and which are in the futuristic phase, which we personally are not fanatics. But Rita Oro obviously does not think so.

On the other hand, one is a completely retro glass in the style of John Lenon, who received our voice and all our love! And Priyanka Chopra with them.