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Top 5 original tonal facilities for the summer

If the tonal means you have a mask on your face, and in the summer still “swims” from the heat, we hasten to please you, that we tested the original new structures and found the best solutions for this season.

тонирование лица летом - фото

By the way, the editors of “Lisa” focused not only on the minimum density of coverage and the ability to effectively moisturize the skin, but also on versatility in use and convenience for travel. And remember: in summer you must apply a tone , it will protect your skin from dust particles, as well as from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Mac Cushion - фото

1. Kushon MAC Matchmaster Shade Intelligence

Ukrainian consumers are no longer surprised by the cousins : first invented in Korea, they are firmly conquering our market. Following IsaDora, Yves Rocher, Lancome and YSL, a new tool that combines the effectiveness of tonal remedies and the compactness of the powder, released a giant of professional cosmetics. And this is good, because there is a whole palette of shades (12!): There is where to clear up and just pick up your color.

The result: a light, unobtrusive coating, like a second skin, which at the same time perfectly conceals flaws and smooths the complexion.

Convenience: a compact case with a cushion impregnated with tonal means, easily fit even in a tiny clutch and will allow you to adjust makeup throughout the day.

Make Up For Ever Face &Body Liquid -фото

2. Fluid MAKE UP FOR EVER Face and Body Liquid Make Up.

на воде. The product is indispensable in the summer, because it is based (80%) on water. Fluid is suitable for all skin types, even age, and for dry and dehydrated skin – a real salvation. Manufacturers recommend it for those who find it difficult to choose a foundation: in the palette of 19 shades!

The result: a light texture gently lies on the skin, allows it to breathe. It perfectly masks large pores, pigmented spots, pimples, vascular networks and the like.

Convenience: judging by the name, it becomes clear that the means can mask the “problems” and on the body and not be afraid to stain clothes – it is waterproof. Incredibly comfortable to use and the case with the wash.

матирующий мусс - фото
PR-service essence

3. Matting mousse essence soft touch.

Just one name “mousse” tastes good! It is extremely light and economical to use, just a couple of touches to the skin make it possible to perfectly align the skin and give it a natural color.

The result: the product perfectly smooths the complexion and mats that is extremely necessary in the summer, and the texture of the mousse allows the skin to breathe freely without clogging the pores.

Convenience: no extra comments – its volume is only 16 grams!

крем-пудра для лица - фото
PR-service Avon

Крем-пудра Avon «Естественная красота» . 4. Avon Cream-powder “Natural Beauty” .

In general, makeup artists are advised to move in the summer to mineral powders , which have bactericidal properties. This cream powder is applied as a dense tonal tool, and after a couple of seconds turns into a face in the thinnest layer of powder (an unusually light texture). I’m glad that basically creamy powders are produced for owners of normal and dry skin, but this is developed for normal, combination and oily skin. There are 5 shades in the palette.

The result: depending on the method of application (sponge or fingers) provides an average or even a dense coating that smooths the skin relief. The product does not clog pores and perfectly masks inflammations on the skin.

Convenience: the package is equipped with everything necessary for every girl – a mirror and a special compartment for sponge (extraordinarily soft, long lasting even after washing). No extra accessories in the cosmetic bag or small handbag should be worn anymore.

тональное средство с пипеткой - фото
PR-service Visage Distribution

Жидкая тональная основа Pupa Like a Doll. 5. Liquid foundation foundation Pupa Like a Doll.

A gentle fluid with an ultralight, weightless texture is designed to emphasize your beauty of the skin and reduce flaws, ensuring a natural result (nude skin effect). The manufacturer promised an ideal application and a feeling of gentle silk. Contains protection SPF 15.

Result: the tonal basis gives the person a homogeneous natural color (the skin looks naked, but transformed), makes the skin smooth and even. This is due to micronized pigments. A mixture of special silicone volatile particles just gives the very sensation of silk on the skin. In the composition, we also found the Powder filler Soft Focus, it also gave the skin a natural shine.

Convenience: a bottle with a long pipette allows you to expend the product sparingly and hygienically. With Makyzhem, you just do not “overdo it”: for the face and neck, only 2 drops are enough.