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Top 10 summer beauty images from the stars

World stars are the best trendsetters, because it is on them that eminent make-up artists are the first to test fashion trends. And the most stylish girls then post their SELFI in Instagram, and we have the opportunity to look at the most interesting images and even try them on. We saw what kind of beauty images of stars in this season receive the most likes.


Ideal skin and delicate pink lipstick in combination with careless curls with the effect of burnt hair. Here is the summer recipe for the perfect image from the RnB diva. To make it simple enough: use BB-cream with a high SPF-factor, lip gloss or lipstick-pencil.


Reese Witherspoon

One of the most famous blondes in the world chooses a bright pink lipstick. And we understand it, because such a juicy and beautiful color can best convey the summer mood.


Jessica Alba

Jessica is very fond of natural images. That’s why he chooses lipstick shades of a dusty rose, dark eyeliner and good foundation. We recommend you use her recipe. Add a fashionable cut of the square and slightly “crumpled” waves – the image is ready.


Cara Delevingne

Eyebrows – this is the card of the model. Make emphasis on well-maintained eyebrows – a great idea for the summer. A gentle pink shine and a little bit of matting powder will complement the image.


Carly Kloss

Supermodel prefers muted pink shades in the makeup of the lips and eyes. It turns out very heavy effect. The main thing in this make-up is the perfect skin tone, because such shades emphasize all the shortcomings.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Together with his sister, the beautiful model prefers the most natural image. Delicate lipstick and mascara on the eyelashes – that’s the secret of impeccable make-up. A hat-Fedora will make any girl mysterious.


Gigi Hadid

Lipstick lipstick is a hit this summer. Select it should be very carefully, based on its skin tone. Gigi chose the perfect shade for herself and supplemented her makeup with black mascara. In combination with careless laying, a wow effect is obtained.



What can you not expect from this bright young lady, so this is a restrained makeup. Nevertheless, here is an interesting image: arrows and lipstick nude plus a smooth tail.


Olivia Palermo

Black hands and red lipstick are always a good idea. Look at Olivia and try on such an image for a bright evening.


Chloe Moretz

But the young actress prefers to make only one accent in the make-up – on the lips. Juicy matte lipstick will make you an object of increased attention. A gentle hairstyle in the style of Lolita will create an explosive mixture.


Photo: via Instagram

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