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Thermal water: truth and myths

Advertising inspires us the need to add to our beauty-routine the invigorating thermal water. She moisturizes, and cares, and refreshes – a real panacea. But is everything the way they tell us? We are sorted out, why does all the same need thermal water and whether to spend money on it.

Thermal water is pure water enriched with minerals. When it is additionally enriched with useful substances, essential oils and vitamins, it is more often possible to find such a definition as a myst. Mist, in turn, is a “predecessor” tonic, a light haze that nicely complements skin care. But does thermal water care for the skin?

Thermal water itself can not moisten the skin, because the water molecules are too large to penetrate into it. If you hear the phrase “thermal water moisturizes the skin,” you can safely interpret it only in the meaning “thermal water makes the skin moist.” What is the use of thermal water then, if it does not moisturize the skin?

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First, as an intermediate or preparatory stage of care. Thermal water itself does not practically influence the result of using caregivers, but some of them work better if they are applied to damp skin. For example, oils for the face. On wet skin they slip easier, are more economical and are absorbed, they “take” with them something useful that is in the thermal water.

Also, thermal water will suit lovers of masks from clay. The mask freezes on the face, pulling together the skin, and after it is hard to wash off. When the mask is drying, sprinkle the face with thermal water. So the mask will work, but it will also be easily removed from the face without irritating the skin with friction.

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Secondly, thermal water is an excellent option for refreshing. If you want to refresh your face on the beach or on the road, it is convenient to spray thermal water on it. After this, be sure to pat the skin with a paper towel. Drops of water on the skin serve as micro loupes for the sun, attracting rays and exposing the skin to a risk of burns.

What promises should not be trusted when it comes to thermal water?

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Thermal water – is not an independent means for skin care. This is a purely auxiliary product, enriched with minerals to a greater or lesser extent. By the way, the information on the mineral content, if any, the producer always points to the packaging. If there is no such information, then most likely you are ordinary water. But even with their availability, the amount of thermal water during spraying is so small that it does not play a big role in skin care.

Thermal water does not fix makeup. To fix the makeup, you need “interlocking” components that will “tie” the cosmetics together. With a fairly shallow spray, thermal water can only remove the intimacy of the face. But it’s just a reaction to the connection of a dry texture with moisture, no magic here.

Nevertheless, the thermal water has many fans, it gives coolness and pleasant emotions. But can you call it a necessity, it’s up to you! Do you use thermal water?