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The New Bancroft Collection of Handbags is Signed by Michael Kors

When women’s bags are concerned, it seems to us that we never have enough. And just when we think that we have supplied enough models in various sizes and colors, we come up with novelties and some new bag that we rejoice over again.

Such is the new collection Bancroft Tašni with the signature of the famous brand Michael Kors. From this fashion house, which is recognized by the perfect women’s purses, a collection will arrive that nobody will resist! Every piece from this collection has something unique, which will throw you into thinking “How to get one of these models?”

The three shapes dominate the collection – large tote, medium tote, and large satchel bag. And while larger models of tote and satchel bags are created for some formal occasions, the middle tote bag is the ideal model for everyone. It is available in two shades, dark-white, brown-white and a combination of snakeskin as well as classic black. A luxuriously designed tote bag is a stylish and practical alternative with the shoulder strap that can be removed as needed.

The collection is a purse part of the collection for the autumn of 2017, along with purses, a collection of wallets at a price of $ 395 will also be available. The remaining pieces in the collection are priced at $ 890 and $ 1390 dollars and can be purchased via the official Michael Kors website.