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The ideal tone: how to choose a tonal basis

The store shelves are filled with a variety of jars and tubes, but it is not so easy to choose a tonal base that fits your skin. Lisa will tell you how to choose the right beauty tool.

Photo: thinkstock / fotobank.ua
Photo: thinkstock / fotobank.ua

Despite the fact that the tonal bases are different in their consistency (cream, powder, mousse, gel or stick), they perform the same function – smooth and mask skin imperfections. So, choose the tonal basis:

by skin color

  • The main rule in selecting a tonal basis is that it should match the type and color of the skin. To determine if the tone that you are going to acquire corresponds to your skin color, put a little bit of beauty on the cheek. Do not carry out this test on the back of the hand or wrist – the skin tone here and on the face is different.
  • To choose a tone for an eye is also not worth it – on the skin it can look quite different. Try to select this cosmetic in a well-lit place: shop lighting is unlikely to be a good helper in this important matter, it is better to do it in natural daylight.
  • If you choose to shade between two shades, stop at a lighter one – you can always shade it with a bronzing powder, whereas a cream of a darker shade can turn a face into a mask.

by consistency

  • A liquid toning base is more suitable for normal and combination skin. Means of liquid consistency can be persistent and moisturizing: the first is suitable for special occasions, and the second is suitable for every day.
  • Tone mousses are light and airy – this remedy is suitable only for those who do not have special problems with the skin. Beauty remedy in the form of mousse perfectly moisturizes the skin, but hardly helps to hide even small pimples.
  • But the stick will perfectly cope with the masking of all sorts of defects. The base in the form of a stick contains in its composition a variety of fatty substances, therefore suitable for normal and oily skin.
  • The owner of oily skin will appreciate the toning cream powder. Such a tool, first, aligns the skin tone, and secondly, removes excess shine.
  • The tonal cream is a universal remedy. Use it in two ways: apply a dense layer with a sponge or brush or more transparent – using a damp sponge. Manufacturers try to produce tonal creams for different types of skin.

Mar 26 2017, 10:03