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Make-up for March 8: the best ideas

The holiday of spring and women’s beauty is just around the corner – it’s time to think about the image in which you will meet this wonderful day!

Макияж на 8 марта - лучшие идеи

Before March 8, there are only a few days left. Already now it is worthwhile to think about what kind of image you will have this day. Definitely that without make-up – nowhere! With the dress you already decided, but the makeup, as usual, you leave at the last minute. Right?

Then you are in a hurry, you can not decide the color of the shadows and lipstick. To simplify your life and to gather for a holiday without any fuss, it is worthwhile to look in advance at the version of the stylish make-up, and also to train it to apply and on March 8 to be the queen!

Double Arrows

Now double arrows are very popular with women of fashion. Thanks to the double arrows your image will be very seductive.

To defeat others around and achieve a “wow” effect, draw arrows of contrasting colors. Look interesting options!

двойные стрелки 2018 тренд двойные яркие стрелки макияж

Spring makeup

Variants of spring makeup a huge amount. It all depends on your preferences and understanding of what is coming!

In the springtime, I really want bright and bright colors. Take a few ideas for a great make-up. In addition, you can supplement your spring, gentle image with suitable accessories: flower wreaths, tender earrings and so on.

Весенний макияж на 8 марта нежныйтеплый нежный макияж 2018

Focus on the lips

Bright lips always look very attractive and incredibly feminine. Moreover, make-up with an emphasis on the lips attracts the opposite sex. Cherry, violet and wine shades remain – the trend of 2018! However, you can experiment in every way to create an unusual image.

Акцент на губы красные в макияже идея

Olga Kuznetsova, a make-up artist and hair stylist from the school “Wedding and evening hairstyle of Svetlana Grinenko” shared with us an interesting idea of ​​make-up on March 8th.

Olga Kuznetsova:

“On the 8th of March you want to feel like a real princess, so for a festive look, we’ll choose a gentle and at the same time elegant make-up”

как правильно делать макияж идея

1. Apply a foundation to the skin under the tone, and then the tone itself. Now use the powder, but follow the measure – a large amount of this remedy will make the person tired.

2. Draw and brush your eyebrows. Their form should be clear and natural.

3. Powder all the moving eyelid and apply light shadows with a chimera on it. Ideal colors – vanilla, cream and champagne.

4. On the fold of the upper eyelid (and a little higher), and also at the outer corners of the eyes, use matte brown shadows. All the boundaries of this color are pretty deep. Brown shadows and bring down the lower eyelid, smoothly “pulling” his line to the top.

5. Next, in the upper eyelid, draw a wide arrow with a long, pointed tail.

6. The inner corner of the eye is slightly “illuminated” with light shadows to make the look more open. These same shadows are placed under the eyebrows, in order to emphasize them.

7. Cilia zavei and carefully dye ink.

8. On the upper part of the cheekbone, the back of the nose and over the upper lip, apply a highlighter. Finish the make-up of your face with pink blush, and apply a gentle translucent shine to your lips. You’re done! ”

And also leaf through step-by-step instructions with the best ideas for make-up!

March 6 2018, 03:03