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Luxury Tuxedos & Rolls Royce

For the first time in its existence, the Rolls Royce brand has begun a unique collaboration with the Australian brand – The Bespoke Corner …

This Sydney company is dealing with men’s fashion, and in collaboration with the Rolls Royce brand, they created two very special smokers, inspired by the two most exclusive models of cars. These limited-edition smoked-ups will be tailor-made in Tuscany.

“The Rolls Royce brand is real, not only because of its cars, but also because of the unique, modern and luxurious lifestyle they promote,” said Michael Warton, co-founder of The Bespoke Corner. “We had a rare privilege to work with the Rolls ORyce brand and to produce a unique, modern collection of tailor made cigarettes.”

The brand has chosen only the most luxurious cigarette creation materials with a price tag of $ 3,950, inspired by the smallness of the interior of the Ghost and Wraith models of the Rolls Royce. Starlight smoking is inspired by the Starlight sky of one of the models, while the Classic Velvet Plum model is inspired by the rich palette of Rolls Royce colors.

In total, only 30 custom models will be produced – 20 for Starlight and 10 for the Classic Velvet. If you want one of them to be yours, you will need to be quick.