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Look younger: makeup techniques that will be removed visually 10 years

The whole secret is in the details! And we will tell you about them. What niceties of makeup do you need to know in order to look younger? What should I consider when purchasing another cosmetic? Read our beauty-material, which will help to achieve the desired result!

Выглядеть моложе - приемы макияжа, которые уберут зрительно лет 10

Oh, the great art of make-up – it will help not only to transform, emphasize virtues and remove flaws, but also change the style, and also make you significantly younger.

We tell about the tricks of applying make-up in order to visually remove 5-10 years! You will be surprised how easy it can be. The main thing – to drive yourself into the habit of these rules.

Tone cream with pink podton

Often the tonal basis has a beige or sandy sub stain. However, they only weight the image.

To achieve a more fresh skin tone, use a foundation not with yellow, but with a pink tint.

Тональный крем с розовым подтоном

However, remember that you need to choose such a cream exactly like any other: for your skin tone! By the way, to test the foundation is better on the neck than on the wrist.

The tonal base with the pink podton should be barely noticeable – then you will be able to make the face younger.

Wide eyebrows

Thin thread eyebrows, of course, have long been considered anti-trend. In addition to the fact that eyebrows do not go to everyone, they also add to your age visually. Thick and wide eyebrows make you much younger.

Широкие брови тренд 2018

However, if you are not the owner of wide eyebrows, then you can easily create them with the help of make-up!

Peach blush

Blush is an amazing cosmetic means, thanks to which you can become older, and vice versa, make an image much younger.

Румяна персикового цвета

Picking a blush, do not choose red shades. Give preference to peach or tender pink flowers. Apply them to the apples of the cheeks and shade properly.

However, do not overdo it so as not to turn into a nesting doll.

Do an accent on the eyes

Namely – on eyelashes. Thick and lush eyelashes will help to visually make the eyes bigger, and the eyes – more expressive. With age, eyelashes thin out, so take care to create a fan volume.

макияж который делает моложе

If your eyelashes are straight by nature or you just do not like their shape – use the curler. Choose such a curler to make it tight, and you could easily curl it with your eyelashes. Such a tool for you is the wand of the rescue.

In addition, a bright lipstick on the lips always ages an image! Avoid this.

Do not use eyeliner

The hands have always looked spectacular thanks to the piping. However, they have one minus – even a young girl they are able to make visually older, depending on the intensity of application of this remedy.

макияж для молодости

Give up the catchy shooter in your eyes, use only light haze of shadows along the ciliary line, and you will see the cardinal difference.

Such a casual, unobtrusive make-up can only emphasize your beauty and personality.

Lip gloss

If your task is to “hide” five to ten years, then give preference to not fashionable matte lipsticks, namely transparent shines. As you know, this technique is very effective anti-aging.

блеск для губ молодит

Matt lipsticks overdry the lips and do not give any volume, and the usual – roll into the wrinkles of the lips, which also only makes your image heavier.

Turn your attention to the brilliance – they are what you need!

Do not use powder

The matte face has long been out of trend. In addition, that a layer of powder gives the person artificiality and artificiality, so also with the help of it you can easily make your face more adult.

макияж для 35

And all because the powder emphasizes all the imperfections of the skin: wrinkles and small pimples. Replace better with powder on matting wipes and use them if necessary to get wet face.

Use patches

Many do not attach importance to patches and treat them indifferently. However, in good, quality patches, there really is an effective caring effect, which will be very useful before you start applying makeup.

патчи для глаз

Before applying makeup, attach the patches for 10-15 minutes. The skin will instantly tighten, it will become more tight and the konsiler will lie evenly.

For this reason, patches are best kept not on the shelf in the bathroom, but in the cosmetic bag, so that they are always at your fingertips.

Concealer with reflective particles

Do not suffer from circles under the eyes. Thanks to a concealer with reflective particles, it is easy to remove this imperfection. Such a tool will not only remove bruises, but also make small wrinkles less noticeable.

как правильно делать макияж

However, remember that the acquired product should not shine like a toy on the tree. Reflective light particles in the scanner must be unobtrusive.

Light Eyeshadow

Makeup like a fig-ayz is bright and spectacular, but they only make you older. Especially after 35 years with such makeups you need to be as accurate as possible.

Come to the aid of bright shadows of pastel shades with a light twinkling! These shadows refresh your image and only emphasize the natural beauty. However, avoid bright mother-of-pearl shades.

макияж чтобы выглядеть моложе

Give preference to beige, gently pink and mint shades – they are able to work wonders!

All beauty and youth!

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Mar 27 2018, 11:03