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K-beauty: trends of cosmetics from South Korea

Korean cosmetics, which has remained in the beauty trends of the world for several years, is not limited to tissue masks, snail slime and touching young girls in advertisements. A huge industry with the latest technology develops leaps and bounds and every year produces a lot of cosmetology products for every taste and color. We will tell about the latest novelties of Korean cosmetics!

К-beauty или новые тренды корейской косметики

Literally five years ago in South Korea there were 1200 cosmetic brands, quite a bit compared to the same USA. At present, their number is close to 10 thousand. The beauty phenomenon in Korean, or K-beauty, is based on three principles: innovation, surprise and speed. Koreans constantly find in nature or invent all the new components, whether it be an extract of swallow nests or a package in the form of a tomato. And, most importantly, they do it faster than everyone. While European brands will copy one Asian novelty, Koreans will release 10 new ones.

What is popular about Korean cosmetics?

  • Naturalness. Korean cosmetics in a greater degree than the western, is focused on care. The purpose of the Asian woman is the so-called “glass skin”. This term denotes a bright, young, smooth and radiant face without wrinkles, age spots and other blemishes. And care products, and decorative cosmetics are designed to create the effect of an impeccably clean face. The recent global fashion for natural – nude – makeup largely reflects this concept.
  • Deep care. If our daily skin care includes 3 stages (cleaning, tonic, moisturizing cream), the Korean – 8 or even 10. Deeper care is associated, above all, with a more polluted atmosphere in the megacities of South Korea. First, there is a make-up remover with the use of a special hydrophilic oil, then – cleansing the face of the residual oil with a special foam or mousse on a water basis, exfoliation, onizirovanie and application of essence (a hybrid of tonic and whey). After that, a special serum or ampoule remedy is used against specific problems – acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores. Then, for a few minutes, a mask is applied on a tissue base impregnated with gel or lotion. Behind the mask follows a moisturizer – emulsion, gel or cream. The ritual ends with a cream with a UV filter.
  • Exotic ingredients. Korean skin care products often contain very exotic ingredients: mucus (mucin) of a snail, derivatives of snake or bee venom, volcanic ash, mushrooms. Very popular chaga mushroom, which has a rejuvenating effect, helps fight inflammation and acne and solves many other skin problems. Some of these components, thanks to their high efficiency, were borrowed by European cosmetics firms.
  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation. Korean cosmetic companies, developing their products, focus on bleaching and protection from ultraviolet radiation, which provokes photoaging of the skin and the appearance of age spots and freckles. SPF-filter is often included in the composition of not only daytime creams, but also balms for the lips, tonal creams, kushons, etc.
  • Textures and packaging. Korean cosmetics – this is unusual for us textures. For example, the hit of recent years is a bubble mask, which forms a copious “live” foam on the face. Another strange, but convenient and compact product – tablet-like pressed masks, which must be pre-soaked in water or in a lotion. In addition, Korean tools often involve the use of any interesting accessories, and their packaging will certainly attract the attention of any customer.

Корейская косметика

Here are some novelties of Korean cosmetics of 2018:

Eyebrow Tint

We are all already familiar with the cleansing masked films that froze on the face and then they can be removed like a glove? Following the same principle, the Koreans first came up with tints for the lips, and then – and for the eyebrows.

Тинт для бровей

The latter should be applied to the eyebrows, but not simply to circle the contour, but in advance to think about the desired shape. After 10 minutes, the gel will harden and it can be easily removed by pulling the edge. In order not to remain without eyebrows, it should be removed along the line of hair growth. The paint will last only until evening, but for those who want to experiment with unusual shades of eyebrows, this is enough with a vengeance.

Mask for shower

A shower mask will save you time. This is not only a separate category of products labeled with In-Shower Mask, any mask can be applied before entering the bathroom. But it’s even better to do this in the process on the already steamed skin: open pores absorb better the useful components.

Маска для душа

Advantages for the skin a few. Cleansing and matting masks with clay or charcoal do not have time to dry up, which means they do not overdry the skin. Moisturizing and anti-aging masks on cream or gel basis will bring even more benefit due to high humidity during shower or bath.

The rule of three seconds

According to the “rule of five seconds”, a product that falls to the floor can be eaten if you managed to lift it no more than five seconds. By the way, this is confirmed by British scientists: in such a short period of time, so few microbes will run for food that they will be easily dissolved by stomach acid.

Корейский уход за кожей

In the field of Korean skin care there is a “rule of three seconds”. It says: the time interval between cleansing and applying a tonic lotion or moisturizer should not exceed three seconds. At the same time, you do not need to wipe the skin with a towel, it should remain moist – this is the whole point. First, the products applied to the wet skin are absorbed better. Secondly, some ingredients work to retain moisture. They are called “occlusal” and form a barrier on the skin. The most effective among them are squalene, petrolatum, beeswax, cocoa butter, lecithin and allantoin. If you apply such products “on dry”, the effect will be several times less. In relation to the skin of the body, the “rule of three seconds” works with the same efficiency.

Powder for lips

A good cosmetic idea and no less good performance. Powder for the lips remains friable only until the moment of encountering the skin. From the heat, the moisturizing ingredients melt and turn the colored powder into a liquid matte lipstick.

Пудра для губ

Unlike other liquid and mat products of lip cosmetics, this option is not as stable, but it does not feel heavy on the lips and does not dry it. These powders can also be used as blush and shadows.

Mask for the eye area

This mask looks very carnival, almost like Zorro or Catwoman. Only hydrogel and with a lace pattern. Promises to tighten the skin around the eyes and rid of mimic wrinkles.

Маска для зоны вокруг глаз

Operate this mask in the same way as the mask for the entire face area: apply and leave for 20 minutes. Remains of whey, as in the case of other masks, the manufacturer recommends not to rinse, but gently massage into the skin.


Aquapilling allows you to simultaneously exfoliate and generously moisturize the skin. A special tool (for example, Marine Complex Exfoliator from Yoon Dermaine) moistens the wadded disk and wipes them face after cleansing and toning. The skin the next day looks even, fresh and radiant.


Cleansing sticks

Such a stick produced the brand Su: m 37. Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick contains a fermented extract of rose, tea tree oil and coconut oil – they cleanse the skin and do not dry it. Such sticks – this is an ideal option for travel and gym.

Очищающие стики


One of the main advantages of Korean cosmetics are soltznezaschitnye components in its composition. From the perspective of an Asian woman, a beautiful face should be white, so she applies sunscreen even on a cloudy day. Naturally, Japanese and Korean cosmetics firms, developing their products, focus on bleaching and protection from ultraviolet radiation, which provokes photoaging of the skin and the appearance of age spots and freckles. SPF-filter is often “built-in” not only in daytime creams, but also in lip balms, foundation creams, kushons.

Корейские кремы-фильтры

“The future is behind filter creams,” Charlotte Cho, founder of the Soko Glam online store, explains . – Cream-filters moisturize the skin and at the same time visually erase all the imperfections and cause the skin to shine. For the latter answers the pearl powder in the composition. “

Корейский уход

What will surprise Korean cosmetics this year?

  1. Composition.   Koreans have already become so deeply involved in the topic of cosmetics that many girls and women are better than experts in the composition of cosmetics. Therefore, brands began to pay more attention to the “purity” and “simplicity” of the composition, because the cosmetics manufacturer simply has to prescribe the entire makeup on the cosmetics package.
  2. Huge sizes.   According to statistics, Koreans use more funds than an average European girl. And if some tool will please a girl, then, most likely, she will store it for a long time, when it will be discounted. Also Koreans are more generous when using cosmetics, so little jars are not enough for many. In consequence of all this, Korean manufacturers started to produce BIG SIZE products.
  3. Bright colors.   We are also pleased with the new segment of decorative cosmetics. Especially in the section of decorative cosmetics, bright and unusual colors and shades of tints and lipsticks constantly appear.

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