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Interview with a make-up artist: about trends, mistakes in make-up and lifhaki

The makeup artist Oksana Cherepanya can embody any image she invented, taking into account the individual features of the model. Her work is incredibly beautiful and quite original! What mistakes many girls make when applying makeup, what distinguishes western products of cosmetics from Ukrainian brands and what are new makeup perfumes? – says the pro!

Интервью с визажистом - о трендах, ошибках в макияже и лайфхаки

Oksana Cherepanya – a professional make-up artist and stylist, speaker of the festival , the trainer of the American cosmetics brand “Temptu” talked with the journalist of the site “Lisa” and told us about beauty trends, cosmetics and other girly “tricks”.

What are the trends in make-up now and what rules a fashionable score? What do girls want?

Girls now want to look like they are not made up, that is, naturalness is uniquely in fashion. I work with both hair and make-up and accurately track among my clients that it’s not always possible to spend a lot of time on the fees. Everyone now wants to spend as little time as possible on applying make-up, and look great.

Therefore, I like to use multifunctional cosmetics: bronzer, shadows, highlighter.

макияж естественный интервью с визажистом

Tip : If you want to hear compliments – apply a pink high-flyer on the high points of the cheekbones.

Kim Kardashian’s style remains in the past, because everyone wants to look natural. And now it is very fashionable and convenient to make a correction with rouge – it refreshes the image.

Remains fashion for multi-colored carcasses, however, the main thing is not to overdo it in everyday make-up. For example, apply on the upper eyelashes black mascara, and on the lower eyelashes blue. Or to put or render black ink, and tips of eyelashes to shade with other color.

Blestyki also returned to fashion, glitter rules a fashionable score.

Every make-up artist has his own “chips”. What are they like?

My trick is that I love working with the textures you apply on the skin, and they start to live their lives – these are the cream textures.

I call myself an adrenaline-dependent make-up artist, because you never know what will happen as a result. The chip is that you give a chance to your makeup to live after you. Besides, I’m not afraid to be careless. I talked about this in the master class: it’s not scary to not finish the eyes somewhere. The perfect make-up is boring! And to make it so that it would catch, that he wanted to look – it’s harder to do, but the result is worth it.

интервью с профессиональным визажистом идеи макияжа

You need to feel freedom within yourself and sometimes use non-standard methods.

In general, you need to look at each cosmetic as a multifunctional. In addition, our brands create noble shades, not aggressive, so that they can be combined and used differently.

For example, if you bought a lipstick, but the color does not suit you, why not use it as a blush !?

What kind of cosmetic is a girl usually underestimated?

Definitely underestimate the preparation of the skin for applying makeup. The fact is that even the most expensive foundation will go badly on the skin, if it is not prepared: without moistening and not well-groomed.

Means for skin care is a must have for a modern woman. Let there be less konsilera and lipstick, but the skin will look healthy. You can not neglect it.

макияж весенний тренд 2018

What mistakes in make-up do you notice among the surrounding girls the most?

Oh! Definitely, it’s wrong and unevenly drawn arrows, the end of which resembles a worm (laughs).

Can I find out the makeup of a Ukrainian woman in another country? What is our feature?

When you enter the plane, you can immediately find out which girl from Ukraine, and which from abroad. You know what? An extension of eyelashes – 3D, 6D, etc. 🙂

And so, the Ukrainian girls are very modern, do not underestimate them. Ukrainian girls like to look beautiful from the very morning, but one must at least sometimes allow an element of negligence, allow themselves to be imperfect.

You represent American products in our Ukraine. What are the differences between Ukrainian and foreign production?

We often look at our colleagues in the shop from America as gods. I work in international teams and I want to say that the Ukrainians are in no way inferior to the Americans, and we also often share livesfaks with foreign colleagues.

What distinguishes us? We are very technical and like clean work. And there a little with the technique is weaker, however, they are more free, do not limit themselves to frames and like to generate ideas. It seems to me that if we also create our own, set trends, we will also be priceless, and they will come to us to study, and not we to them.

Тренд макияж 2018

In your opinion, is it possible to be painted not with luxury cosmetics and look cool at the same time?

Luxury cosmetics differs from that in the mass market in that the color line always presents more unique shades. That is, if the palette is pink, it will be colder and nobler. And in the mass market it will be uniquely pink and that’s it. In my opinion, it is possible, but leaving and tone should still be expensive.

On the make-up artist’s salary, is it possible to live and not deny yourself anything?

If you are long in this profession, you know all the subtleties, take responsibility responsibly to your work and competently select products for your case, then you can provide yourself. In general, it turns out a good average salary in Ukraine, so yes, you can!

лайфхаки от профессионала

How to make a waterproof mascara?

Water-resistant carcasses quite often do not fit many girls due to their aggressiveness in composition, because of what then there is discomfort. In this case, you can make a mascara waterproof.

Apply first usual mascara to the eyelashes, then the next layer should be a transparent eyebrow gel. Mascara will not crumble, and if water gets into the eyes, it will not spread.

What should I do if the concealer rolls off?

To concealer not roll down, do not give out facial wrinkles and stayed for a long time, apply a thin layer of the base under the shadows directly to the place where the material is deposited before applying the concealer.

Experiments in make-up

Suddenly, you wanted to experiment in the make-up, for example, burgundy shooter, it is not necessary for this to run to the store for a new makeup tool. The arrow can be made resistant liquid lipstick or rouge.