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Ideal eyebrows: what is the best way to draw them?

Only one eyebrow can dramatically change your appearance and draw attention to the most beneficial facial features. How best to emphasize them and choose the right shape and length, will prompt makeup artists.

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Even if you prefer , the stylists advise not to forget to emphasize the color pencil or gel eyebrows so that the eyes “are not lost” on the face.

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It is believed that the oval face type eyebrows with a soft fracture, round – curved in the form of an arch, and elongated – straight. In fact, when creating perfect eyebrows you need to take into account other features of the face: for example, the height of the forehead, the distance between the eyes, and the width of the bridge of the nose. Identify with the right form can help a specialist in the bar-bar (brow bar) or you can try to figure it out yourself. Especially since cosmetic brands annually produce whole collections of eyebrow aids. Why do we need all this variety of cosmetics?


Eyebrow pencil. Usual to us all “tool”. They can draw one clear line or shade flashes between the hairs. But since in the forehead area the fat content of the skin is increased, some pencils are quickly smeared and flow. Therefore, always (and not only in the summer) to use waterproof pencils.

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If you have shadows on hand, put them on top of a pencil. And even better – buy a special powder for the eyebrows (she reminds shadows). Powder absorbs fat and lasts up to 6 hours. Apply any means for the eyebrows at first to the bend (the highest part) and from there distribute the brush to the pointed tip and slightly less to the base.

Drawing eyebrows, remember that its beginning should be the lightest, the end is the darkest.

Mascara or eyebrow cream is more convenient for applying an alternative to a pencil. They are able to tint your eyebrows in the shade you want in almost the same movement.

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If you want to determine the optimal length of eyebrows, use the same pencil (or, for example, a makeup brush): apply it vertically from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye – this is where the eyebrow should begin (pull out the extra hairs outside the pencil with tweezers). Some make-up artists suggest starting the eyebrow from the vertical, laid from the base of the wing (it is at the level of the hollow above the wing). Leave the eyebrow wider on the inside and gradually narrow from the highest point (where the bend) to the edge. The pencil, attached diagonally from the wing of the nose through the pupil, will help determine the bending point. And the end point of the line of the eyebrow is where the diagonal ends from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

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Wax will help to give the eyebrows the right shape and fix the hairs in the right direction, like hair spray. By function is similar to colorless gel for eyebrows . They need to be applied after you give the eyebrows a color. Then you need to comb your eyebrows with a brush upwards. So you best grow a pencil. And only after that, smooth and fix your eyebrows with gel or wax.