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How to remove cheeks: exercises for the face

Many owners of magnificent cheeks are not too happy with such roundness on their faces and dream of chiseled cheekbones. Of course, you can not change the shape and design of your face without surgical intervention, but you can change the outlines and get rid of excess fluff quite well.


How to remove cheeks: exercises for the face

The fineness of the neck and cheeks greatly influences the overall impression of harmony, so even having a sporty figure, but having fat cheeks, many people get the impression that the person is plump. In addition, with age, facial skin loses its elasticity, and cheeks sag, and if a person has fat cheeks, things are much worse with stretched skin.

How to clean your cheeks yourself

Before stepping over to work on the elimination of chubby cheeks, it is important to remember that the cheeks do not lose weight separately from everything else. Naturally, with a general weight loss, the face will also become slimmer, but the cheeks will be just the last, which will lose weight. So do not expect that going to the gym and active sports will bring quick results.

How to remove cheeks: exercises for the face

In addition to maintaining your body in good physical shape, you need to monitor your diet and do regular exercises and face massage. In addition, you will need a number of necessary tools: a clean towel, a massage at home, exercise, strong sleep and diuretic herbs.

  • Do not use face cream, which is focused on removing fluid and losing weight. First, it is ineffective, secondly, the skin of the face is sensitive and tender, and such remedies in most cases cause redness, acne and irritation.
  • Determine the balance of fluid in the body. It is possible that the chubby cheeks are a consequence of excessive use of liquid. If this is the case, then reduce the consumption of spicy and salty foods, as well as minimize drinking water before bedtime.
  • Physical loads will also bring a result – not fast, but palpable.
  • The external person is positively influenced by a healthy sleep, therefore, lack of sleep or spillage should be avoided. A healthy sleep will eliminate unnecessary swelling of the face and give the face a fresh look.
  • Do a massage for the face. The complex of massage includes exercises that prolong the elasticity of the skin, tighten the muscles, eliminate wrinkles and swelling. After the massage, it is necessary to use a towel moistened with herbal infusion: it is made from sage, yarrow, camomile and lime-colored.

These are the main rules that will help you remove excess bulk of cheeks.

The main reasons for the appearance of rounded cheeks

Chubby cheeks are a wonderful decoration for a baby or, at least, a pretty child and adolescent, but for an adult they cause unwanted aesthetic problems.

  • Cause. If genes are guilty, you will have to gain perseverance and patience to make your face slimmer. In some cases, the problem can be solved only surgically by resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon. If the cause is overweight, the problem is solved by getting rid of this weight, but without effort and time, nothing happens. To do this, you need to regularly engage in yourself: diet, exercise complex, cosmetic activities.
  • Ration. If you want to reduce your cheeks in a short time, review your diet. For women, this will be a little easier, because many of them primarily lose weight face. In some cases, losing weight becomes the cause of an exhausted, sunken and sagging face. Avoid the other extreme will help properly chosen diet and compliance with the rules: before eating, drink a little water, eat solid food thoroughly, divide food into five portions, no hunger strike.
  • Food. If you want to clean your cheeks by losing weight, forget about fried, fatty, buttery and sweet. Do not eat ice cream and fast food. From soda is also better to give up. You can eat seafood, fruits and vegetables, lean meat. Do not forget about milk and sour-milk products, which contain a lot of calcium.

How to remove cheeks: exercises for the face

Exercises for tightening the face

It is important to remember that exercises will not help you get rid of subcutaneous fat, the amount of which determines the volume of your cheeks, but such a face gymnastics will strengthen the muscles that need training, and help you to tighten the skin after losing weight.

The whole complex of exercises takes no more than 10 minutes, but it should be done every day in the morning.

How to remove cheeks: exercises for the face

Exercise with extended chin

  1. Gently push your chin forward and put your lower lip on the upper one.
  2. Raise the corners of the mouth, and then the chin.
  3. Put your tongue on the palate and count to 10.
  4. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Exercise with inflated cheeks

  1. Cheat your cheeks.
  2. Slowly “distill” the air from one cheek to the other above the upper teeth.
  3. Do it as slowly as possible.
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Stretching of the muscles of the chin

This exercise works on the chewing muscles, allowing to prevent the appearance of a double chin and the lowering of the cheeks.

  1. Mix your lips and teeth.
  2. Separate the teeth and, without opening the mouth, give the lower jaw forward as far as possible.
  3. Hold in this position for 5 seconds, and then return the jaw back.
  4. Repeat 10 times.

How to remove cheeks: exercises for the face

Smile with resistance

  1. Push on the cheeks with index, middle and ring fingers and try to smile, overcoming the resistance.
  2. Hold the smile for 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise “Fish”

  1. Strongly pull your cheeks, as if you are painting a fish.
  2. Try to smile and feel how muscles strain your cheeks.
  3. Save the position for 10 seconds.
  4. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

A noticeable result will appear only with daily exercises and not instantly. Each exercise should be done 10 times, and after the first results – 5 times.