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Gymnastics for the face: face fitness, facebuilding, Carol Maggio and qigong

Movements : Close your eyes, relax your eyelids, for five seconds, turn your eyes to the bridge of your nose. Then slowly open your eyes and look straight ahead. Repeat five times.

2. Objective : Remove dark circles and swelling under the eyes.

Movements : Put your index fingers on the cheekbones under the lower eyelids and lightly pull down, while trying to close your eyes with force.

3. Objective : To smooth the “wrinkles of the proud” between the eyebrows.

Movements: Place the index and middle fingers in the center of the eyebrows and lightly pull them toward the temples. Close eyes. Repeat five times for five seconds. In between exercises, to relax your eyes, tap with your fingers on the closed upper eyelid.

1. Goal : Remove the second chin.

Movements : Prolong the sound of “ks”, maximally stretching your lips in the sides, until you feel that all the muscles and ligaments of the neck have strained. Fix this position for five seconds. Repeat five times. After each time, try to relax your mouth, quietly uttering the sound of “o”.

2. Objective : Restore the contour of the face.

Movements : Put your thumbs under your chin, then try to open your mouth – lower your lower jaw, but in this case, within five seconds, strongly resist your thumbs. Repeat five times.

3. Objective : Raise the cheekbones.

Movements : Put your palms on your face on both sides, say “and”, clench your teeth and maximally stretch your mouth. At the same time, pull your skin against your ears. Do the exercise five times.

Подтягивание овала лица с помощью гимнастики для лица как делать

Exercises for nasolabial muscles

1. Objective : Make the lips a little more plump.

Movements : Close your mouth, grab your lips with your index and thumbs. Make easy tingle from the middle of the lips to the corners. Repeat for two minutes.

2. Objective : Smooth the nasolabial folds.

Movement : With your thumb and forefinger, pinch quickly, but gently line the nasolabial folds. Start from the bottom and rise to the nose. Repeat two minutes.

3. Objective : Tone the area of ​​the cheekbones.

Movements : Do light pressure with your thumb pads, moving from the corners of your lips along the cheeks to the top of your cheekbones. Repeat several times and finished with a point-fixing tap on the whiskey. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and try to relax as much as possible.

Гимнастика лица для носогубных мышц - комплекс упражнений

Gymnastics for the face from Carol Maggio

чтобы подтянуть 57 мышц лица и шеи. American cosmetologist Carol Maggio has developed a unique exercises to tighten the 57 muscles of the face and neck. This method is called a real alternative to plastic surgery and the ability to avoid botox, but look no less young than after surgery.

You do not have to spend a lot of free time on these exercises: only 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. The only condition for success is to follow all instructions clearly.

Кэрол Маджио гимнастика для лица
  1. Exercises are performed while sitting. чтобы ты понимала и видела , как работают мышцы. It is better to put a mirror in front of you to understand and see how muscles work. можно выполнять упражнения и без зеркала. When gymnastics becomes a habit , you can perform exercises without a mirror.
  2. что ты все делаешь правильно , а мышцы работают в полную силу , служит характерное « молочнокислое» жжение. A sign that you’re doing it right, and the muscles are working at full capacity, is characteristic of “lactic acid” stinging. If this feeling does not arise – you underload the muscle.
  3. все упражнения надо проделать подряд, так что лучше отключи телефон. Do not interrupt the activity , all the exercises have to be done in a row, so it’s better to turn off the phone.
  4. выдувая воздух через расслабленные губы. After each exercise, relax the muscles , blowing air through the relaxed lips.
  5. причем пресс , ягодицы и бедра напряжены до предела. “The starting position” in gymnastics Carol Maggio is a sitting posture , with the press , buttocks and hips strained to the limit. затем снова напрягай и переходи к следующему упражнению. Between the exercises, relax them , then strain them again and move on to the next exercise.

Daoist Gymnastics for Qigong Face

Qigong massage is the oldest Chinese practice of rejuvenation and healing, the technique of which has been passed on for centuries from generation to generation.

The practice of qigong (“qi” – the energy of life, “gong” – control) helps to start the regeneration processes in the body. Generally qigong includes both breathing exercises, and gymnastics, and nutrition, and spiritual practice. We will dwell on the miracle-gymnastics for the face, which will help to bring the skin into tone, smooth out wrinkles and refresh your complexion.

цигун гимнастика для лица
  1. Start the gymnastics from the hair, combing them with smooth movements. If you repeat this procedure at least 10 times a day, it will increase the flow of blood to the scalp and relieve headaches.
  2. The next step is dry washing. Well, rub your palms together until you feel a pleasant warmth. Put your hands on your nose and, lifting up, walk along the forehead, cheeks, neck. Mentally imagine how from your palms is energy and “smoothes” the skin. Repeat 20-30 times.
  3. 14-15 times smoothly rotate the eyeballs from left to right, then in the opposite direction. Close your eyes, then cut open abruptly. These exercises develop eye muscles and strengthen vision.
  4. Cover your ears with your hands and tap lightly on the crown with your fingers. Repeat 20-25 times. This will help prevent tinnitus and dizziness.

Gymnastics Qigong – is the accumulation of positive energy, good health, excellent mood and rejuvenating effect in one bottle!


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