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Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

Tapping is an effective technique for rejuvenating and tightening the skin without surgical interventions. What you need to know about the typing of a person, what are the regimen rejuvenation facial plaster and what is the effectiveness of this procedure – read in our material!

Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

In this article, you will learn:

Today, the typing of different parts of the body is gaining popularity. However, one of the most popular among women now is precisely the typing of a person, which has appeared relatively recently in cosmetology. You probably already had some questions. If so, we have done well and prepared the answers to the most popular ones:

  • What is teip (kinesiotype)?

Kinesiotheip is a tape made of a special elastic cotton fabric, on one side of which hypoallergenic glue is applied. This method has existed for 40 years and initially teips have been used to repair injuries on the body of athletes. However, after a while, the typing smoothly penetrated into and cosmetology.

  • What is the principle of the work of the teips?

Tape adjusts to the face according to certain schemes (performed on massage lines), lifts the skin above the muscles, thus providing increased lymph flow and blood flow, relaxes muscles and removes excess fluid. Let’s say that properly applied special patch does not stretch the skin, but it affects deep muscles and fascia.

  • And what result will I get?

This way of tightening and rejuvenating the skin allows to achieve the effect of face lifting without surgery and injections due to stimulation of certain facial muscles, and memory of the brain, which remembers their new position. Experts recommend wearing teip from half an hour to 12 hours or leave for the night, as the face will be relaxed. Kinesiology noted that as a result of typing the face and neck, it is possible to achieve such results:

  • getting rid of fine wrinkles;
  • elimination of edema and bags under the eyes;
  • elimination of facial wrinkles;
  • tighten the corners of the eyelids;
  • reduction of the second chin;
  • modeling the contour of the face.
Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

Home taping

It is noteworthy that taping a person does not require special equipment, you do not need to finish universities for this procedure, so it can be done at home.

However, if specialists in this area rely on their knowledge and experience, then under the conditions of a home procedure, the effectiveness of the tapes from the tissues will depend only on the correct observance of the instructions.

In one session of the visible result, there will be no aesthetic tie-making. To achieve a positive effect, you need to go through the entire course with a daily fixation of the teips.

To do kinezioterapirovanie, it is enough to buy special tapes in online stores or a drugstore and do everything with accuracy according to a scheme that can eliminate your problem areas. Ordinary plasters will not work, because the adhesive can cause allergies. Glue kinesiotype must be from the bottom up, pulling the skin according to the scheme, which depends on the age and anatomy of the face.

Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

Recommendations for the imposition of kinesiotypes

1. If you are the first time to do teip-lifting, it is advisable to contact a specialist, and not experiment with ribbons alone. Then, after being adroit and following the advice of the kinesiologist, you can glue the teips yourself.

2. You can easily learn several basic teip overlays on the face, the main thing is to clearly understand for what purpose you use this or that tape. It will be useful to study the atlas of facial muscles and the location of large and small lymph nodes.

Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

3. Before loving the application of teips, you need to thoroughly clean the skin, so that it has been wiped dry. Thanks to this it is better to fix the tape.

4. Plasters on a cotton basis start to act at the expense of heat of a skin, therefore after fastening rub them a couple of minutes.

5. On average, wearing teips should be from 3 to 8 hours. And also allowed to wear teips for several days.

6. Remove teips should be in the direction of the lymph nodes or in the direction of the massage lines, accurate smooth movements. Often they are removed very easily, but if there are difficulties, you can use a fat cream or warm water to stop the glue from acting.

Facial Tie Schemes

Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

Pink areas denote those areas where teyp can not be glued. In the pictures with diagrams the letters S, M, L denote the size of kinesiotypes. In the circles there are numbers that indicate the sequence of gluing.

The lower part of the face (for 30-40 years)

Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

At this age, the aging process starts in the mouth and cheeks, so we carefully process the lower part of the face with the teips.

Thus, we pull up the sagging cheeks and reduce the nasolabial fold.

We remove the “crow’s feet” and pull the eye line (40+)

Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

The problem areas at this age are the zones around the eyes, the neck and the line of the chin.

What do we get as a result? We tighten the eye line, improve the condition of the neck and reduce the “crow’s feet”. Your actions: plaster No. 15 glue to the nose on both sides, so that the nose will rise slightly, teip number 21 and the rest glue on top of wrinkles without tension.

Pull the face oval and spout (50+)

Face-lifting: Schemes, recommendations and efficacy

To the above-mentioned problem areas, frontal wrinkles are added at this age, the oval of the face swims and the skin around the mouth saggers.

Thanks to this scheme, you will tighten your forehead, lift your nose and outline the line of your mouth. № 27-28 glue gently and without tension.

Further all on the same principle!

Basic contraindications for facial tie

Like any mechanical action on the human body, such a procedure also has its contraindications. We can distinguish the main of them:

  • individual intolerance to kinesiotherapy materials;
  • any damage and irritation to the skin;
  • skin diseases (eczema, fungal diseases, flat warts, pyoderma);
  • ENT diseases – a runny nose, inflammation of the tonsils (as with the lymph flow into the body can carry and bacteria);
  • diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • hypertensive disease of the 3rd stage;
  • with chronic paresis of the facial nerve, facial paralysis of any etiology (teipiruem oval face and chewing muscles with great caution);
  • severe stages of diabetes mellitus;
  • acute heart failure;

Take care of yourself!


To date, there is no evidence that this new method of combating age-related changes is effective.

In addition, there is not enough beautiful description on the manufacturers labels that this procedure works. Advertising is also not an indicator of positive action. Now from all sides (bloggers, television, glossies, “opinion leaders”) say that the newfangled “miracle” is an effective salvation from imperfections, but again, to believe them or not is your business!

The reviews of numerous Internet users who have tried kinesiotherapy treatment are divided into two groups: one proves that this method is most effective and they see the difference between how it was and how it became – the result is satisfied. Another group of women adherents of the opinion that this is just a placebo effect and nothing more, plus everything, this money is thrown away, and manufacturers and salons simply want to “get welded” on this.

The choice is just for you …

May 8, 2018, 02:05