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Cold spring: not so cold frosts as dysbiosis!

Even such cold and snowy March, as this year, is useful for the skin, because the subzero temperature is the best coach for capillaries. The invigorating frost drives the blood, blushes the cheeks and tones well. But why exactly with the minus is our skin particularly vulnerable? Insidiousness, dear ladies, in ourselves!

Зима и кожа - не так страшны морозы, как дисбактериозы!

Post-holiday syndrome

First – overeating and the state of “walk, leg!”, Which last almost a month. This, he, January-favorite – mayonnaise-olive, gingerbread, wine, emotional! We celebrate, have fun, break away! But you need to be prepared for the fact that your reflection in the mirror by April will finally go out like a garland just taken off. To the standard harmful effects on the skin (stress, ecology, unhealthy diet, dry air indoors) in the cold season adds New Year, Christmas and 8-March culinary excesses, as well as a deficit of fresh vegetables and fruits. The slightest failure in the work of immunity in this explosive period can result in a dysbacteriosis of the intestine. And this is the worst enemy of female beauty!

Creams, masks, all kinds of hailers are secondary and powerless before the internal imbalance. The state of the skin is affected by what we eat and, of course, the quality of digestion. Dull skin, greasy shine, acne – all these annoying “anti-delights” indicate an internal malfunction, called: a) dysbacteriosis of the intestine, and b) dysbiosis of the skin itself.

What’s happening?

Лактофильтрум Эко

The imbalance of the intestinal microflora prevents the assimilation of the utility that comes to us with food. Add to hypovitaminosis also toxins that do not want to leave the body and depress “good bacteria”. If we let this go by itself, our beauty wept: the intestinal dysbiosis imbalances the skin. The body is not able to get rid of all the toxins – their concentration is constantly growing. For their output in response to the intestines, kidneys and skin. At a dysbacteriosis the intestine does not cope with the mission, and kidneys deduce only a part of harmfulness. The skin in such a situation remains extreme: the removal of the remaining decomposition products falls precisely on its fragile pores! It increases the number of pathogenic bacteria, in particular, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. A dysbacteriosis of the skin is formed, leading to rashes, dryness or, conversely, fatness, itching, seborrhea, hyperpigmentation and premature wilting.

Toxins – on the way out!

Our goal – to expel dysbacteriosis by restoring the microflora of the intestine and skin.  

Put the pathogenic microorganisms in place and reanimate our native, useful bacteria can help Lactofiltrum , which simultaneously act enterosorbent and prebiotic. Lingin is a natural sorbent made from wood, capable of binding allergens, bad microorganisms, toxins and heavy metals, expelling all this garbage from the body naturally. A good friend prebiotic lactulose serves as food for beneficial bacteria in the intestines, supporting them in good health and fighting efficiency. A pleasant bonus for the restoration of good digestion will be the coveted skin health.

Well, cosmetology problems, good-bye! There is no greater happiness than health and beauty!


Advertising Laktofiltrum Eco. It is not a medicinal product. There are contraindications – see the instructions. DMU.A.LAC.18.03.02

April 5 2018, 10:04