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Beauty-party "Ze brush": a festival of make-up and make-up took place in Kiev

The festival of make-up and make-up “Ze brush” was held for the first time on April 26 and 27 in Kiev at the “Art Plant Platforma” and gathered popular Ukrainian and foreign professionals in the sphere of beauty!

Бьюти-тусовка Ze brush - в Киеве прошел фестиваль макияжа и грима

Master classes, exhibition-sale of famous brands and live communication with masters – the editorial staff of “Lisa” could not miss this beauty event and went to find out the details!

“Ze brush” is a space for communication and collaboration of makeup artists, brands, schools, bloggers, designers and photographers. At the festival there were people who live creatively, creating fashion, those who do not have boundaries, but only desire to create, grow and share their knowledge.

All present could participate in master classes, talk with professional make-up artists, get individual consultations and purchase the cosmetics of the presented brands at a discount.

According to numerous reviews in social networks and feedbacks about the event, we can conclude that those present at the festival received a lot of positive emotions, useful knowledge and invaluable advice!

Inspired by the creative vision of the creators, some guests of the event also began to translate their ideas into reality, experimenting with applying make-up and make-up on themselves.

Advice of professionals

Among the speakers at the festival was Denis Kartashev , a famous Russian stylist and make-up artist, holder of the Grand Prix International Mondial Coiffure Beaute Paris, as well as a certified international class judge on make-up.

Денис Карташев Ze brush

He surprised the audience with a master class on art make-up, mercilessly destroyed stereotypes and emphasized the creative and non-standard approach in applying make-up. He gave some practical advice to beginning make-up artists and pros:

“Always doubt. Put in doubt all that is beautiful, and what is not beautiful, what is terrible, and what do you consider a masterpiece. Do you know why this should be done? Because very often what seems to you great today, tomorrow may seem terrible and vice versa. Do you think Angelina Jolie would be considered a beauty if she were born in the early 20th century? Of course, no. It is the exact opposite of what was considered beautiful a hundred years ago. No relief on the face, round face, small lips, thin eyebrows and small eyes. Take also, for example, the Eiffel Tower, how horrible it seemed for Parisians, and now it is a work of art. “

фестиваль грима и макияжа Ze brush

“You should always strive to make makeup better than yesterday”

– added Denis Kartashev.

Many speakers drew attention to the fact that makeup does not look perfect and does not treat it with meticulousness, it also includes very smooth and thin lines of arrows, correctly applied shadows and lipstick picked up.

“If you are a beginner, the desire for perfect shading should be an end in itself – this is very important. When you started and continued, you need to move on to build a new form, find a new interesting composition and a new color “

– designated a professional.

Ze brush макияж и тренды

The standard ticket for 2 days of the festival cost 750 hryvnia, as well as a VIP, thanks to which it was possible to attend closed master classes with unique themes, and provide an opportunity for a backstage communication with the masters. A large-scale event was granted to many guests, which means that the festival debuted successfully!

It’s great that the beauty industry is rapidly developing in Ukraine. More often, such bright, cognitive and inspiring festivals would be curbed.

Oksana Cherepanya – professional make-up artist, coach Temptu, works in fashion / editorial makeup. Lisa’s editorial staff talked with one of the speakers of the festival “Ze brush” on the trends in the beauty industry, mistakes in make-up and money remuneration of make-up artists in Ukraine.

May 2 2018, 05:05