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5 secrets of beautiful skin

Beautiful skin is the dream of any girl. Smooth, even, shining – all this can be achieved if properly cared for. We are sure that you know how to pamper your skin, but today we will share the secrets that will make your ritual care even more effective!

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The first secret is not a secret, but many people still forget about it. Water is very important for the body as a whole and for the skin in particular. The water you drink. The water you wash. And the water around – that is, the humidity of the air. With the latter will help the humidifier, now there is even a compact for the desktop. After washing, it is desirable to apply a moisturizer to the skin. And you need to drink clean water to saturate the body and prevent dehydration of the skin.

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Oils help restore the protective barrier of the skin, filling the lack of lipids. Modern cosmetic oils and at all a find: nourish, help to keep a moisture, restore a skin and prepare it for a make up. Apply the oil to the skin of the face with soft applying movements, after moistening the skin with thermal water or a mite.

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Two stages of purification

If you have not mastered multistage care and several steps of cleansing the skin using the Korean method, follow at least two stages of cleansing the skin. It involves the combination of funds for gentle cleansing of the skin. We recommend combining hydrophilic oil, makeup remover, micellar water or a two-phase make-up remover with a gentle foam or mousse for washing. And in any case not three skin, it reduces its own protective properties, increasing sensitivity.

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Night mask

The night mask just turned over the notions of skin care, but remained many underestimated. It is much more effective than a night cream and in the morning, after its use, immediately noticeable result. At the same time, the night mask is an ideal option for busy girls, because you do not have to wait until it absorbs and flushes it in 15-20 minutes. Just wake up in the morning, as usual.

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No initiative

Often the cause of unsatisfactory skin condition in improperly selected care. If you have obvious skin problems (acne, rosacea, allergies, etc.), consult a specialist for advice. More affordable option – client days of brands for skin care, where you can go through a free diagnosis of skin condition and get advice from a specialist.

Mar 19 2018, 09:03