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3 unusual funds from Korea, which you like

Korean brands are considered the most advanced when it comes to cosmetics. They set all sorts of trends and brought to our lives kushny, hydrophilic oil, tint and much more.

корейская косметика, уход, корея, пилинг, маска для лица

Today we will consider 3 unusual means that have already won hearts not only in the east, but also in the west. They will help to diversify the care and just like you!

avon, маска для лица, сплэш-маска, корейская косметика
Avon Anew Face Mask Splash care “Charge energy”

Splash Mask

A new and unusual type of mask is a very liquid, watery gel, which must be applied to the face with clapping movements. Splash is literally translated as a splash. So the procedure for applying a new type of mask resembles a rinse of the skin of the face. A small amount of splash mask in your palm and perch in them face. The mask is quickly absorbed, filling the skin from the inside. It does not leave stickiness and does not need to be washed off. Fast, convenient and efficient!

kiko milano, подушечки, салфетки, пилинг, корейская косметика
Kiko Milano Scrub and Peel Wipes

Peeling pads

Peeling pads and peeling napkins you can find from Korean brands and professional brands for make-up artists. The secret of peeling pads in a rough surface and impregnation with mild acids, usually fruit. With its help, the face is exfoliated simultaneously chemically (with the help of acids) and physically (due to the heterogeneous texture). This trend was quickly picked up by makeup artists, as in a few seconds you can perfectly clean the skin and rid yourself of peeling, preparing the face for applying makeup.

A'PIEU, очищение кожи, корейская косметика
A’PIEU Baking Soda Face Powder

Powder for washing

Koreans all know about the soft facial cleansing, but it is this travel friendly product that will conquer you. In a small and incredibly light jar there is a powder with granules resembling the salt of medium grind. A small amount of powder should be poured into the palm of your hand and spread over the wet skin of your face. The powder instantly dissolves, turning into a light milk, which is quickly washed off with water. With such a means for washing is not terrible for the weight of the suitcase, nothing spills, for washing you need a minimum amount of water, while the powder cleanses perfectly from sebum and dust and is suitable for sensitive skin.

And what are your favorite Korean cosmetics? Share in the comments!

March 18 2018, 09:03