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3 Fatal Makeup Errors

The beauty industry skillfully, persistently and categorically inspires us with the need to use all that it produces, and to look as it sees fit. Impossible people lose their last strength, and can not grasp the immensity. Let’s try to critically comprehend this shaft of requirements to how a modern woman should look.

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Wash it immediately!

I, for one, am not a fan of serious everyday makeup, I’m too lazy to spend so much time on it, I do not like to feel the person “overloaded”, and, frankly, I do not see any sense in multi-level make-up, unless it comes, for example, about a photo shoot. As for me – a good tonalnik, eyebrow pencil, mascara and hygienic lipstick – that’s the perfect maximum for daily improvement of yourself, a beauty.

But, despite my indifference to my own person, I like to critically examine other people’s makeups. And sometimes I look and I get upset. And I’m even angry.

These tattooed eyebrows with idiotic kinks …

This crumbling plaster from a mixture of tonalnik, powder and blush …

These appearing through haylaytery, tonalniki, konturingi ready to explode acne.

These blacked-out lower eyelids …

These plastic glued-on eyelashes …

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What do men want?

How can you explain such a mockery of your appearance, eh? Well, after all – go, wash, and you will look a hundred times more beautiful, and the universe will notice a fresh face and give a pleasant surprise.

By the way, I even know such a story. One of my acquaintances, sensing that her knight is going on vacation to offer her an offer of hands and hearts, has become prettier before leaving to the maximum. Well, there are manicures, pedicures, bikini zones, etc. And, of course, on her face she glued everything that is possible, and plucked everything that was needed, made up everything that was painted. I counted on the fact that in modern resorts, she always finds a place for an upgrade and will look like a candy. But she was waiting for a surprise!

The groom took her for a month to the wild islands, where there were no spas and no beauty at all. The poor nails broke, eyelashes fell off, the paint from the salt water changed the color in some places. Well, anything is such a trifle, you can imagine. And the groom did not pay attention. And quietly invited to get married, kneeling in the surf band at full moon.

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Makeup is not so important as it is painted

But if without it someone feels insecure, uncollected, not ready, then let it be, but only without the most fatal


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