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25 ideas for summer manicure: simple and elegant

Summer is a time when you need to show yourself. And if in winter we do not always venture on a very bright varnish and catchy drawing on nails, then in summer it is very appropriate to wear it. Lace, frills, fruits, flowers, stripes and sequins on nails this season is not uncommon. We look and embody interesting ideas!

We have more:


Strips, corners and gold leaf

And maybe you will like a gradient:

полоски на ногтях

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Strips are very topical to apply on top of pink, beige or natural nail

полоски на ногтях

Another variation on the topic of geometry: a corner. Transparent inserts, a combination of black and white look amazing!


Another variation on the theme of strips and the golden cantus. The combination of fashionable colors of mint and pink reminds us of your favorite ice cream!


Manicure, reminiscent of a summer tan – beige shades are beautifully combined with gold sparkles and bright carrot varnish


The combination of sequins and fashionable peas


Imitation of lace looks very actual on nails. Applied by the technique of stamping


To the note to the lovers of dark colors in manicure. This summer we can not do without saturated berry shades


Without the golden spangles this summer, even a manicure in the nautical style can not do!

ногти и маникюр

Ombre on the nails is still relevant


Delicate peach shade of varnish is perfectly combined with a print in the style of Provence

сезонный маникюр

It’s hard to imagine summer without sea manicure. This summer, classic blue can be safely replaced by a fashionable heavenly shade

маникюр в морской тематике

Exquisite combination of nude shades and dark blue. Pay attention to the floral prints!

цветочный принт на ногтях

Lunar manicure + sequins

маниикюр с блестками - ногти

The most fashionable powder shades on nails in combination with a pattern of marble and silver metal sparkles

яркие маникюры - фото

Do not forget about stylish summer bright varnishes. Funny drawing will complement any manicure

идеи яркого маникюра

Ripe and juicy fruit on the nails look very appetizing!

Маникюр в форме клубничек

Another option on the theme of the moon manicure and fruit

фото и идеи летнего маникюра- лиза

Sky blue will be in fashion throughout the summer!

как подобрать маникюр для своих ногтей

Summer is a time of playful mood, sun, ice cream and bright colors!

мультяшные рисунки на ногтях

An inspiring manicure with circles and peas simply can not make the summer even brighter and sunny!

летний яркий маникюр - фото